Sleeping wrintings

These series began in 1993

“There are these“ typographed ”sticks, scarified, harvested in the forests at the mercy of walks… All these lines, these ephemeral arabesques, all these signs given to be seen, like a mysterious writing: seeming disorder, chaos first of which proceed all things to make visible the enigmatic “Existence” by lacquer, to allow the legible, to caress the reliefs, to follow the meanders, to dream. The sign or space left by the lacquer, the gap, marks time (from birth to time to collect, time to imagine, time to do, until disappearance ..) as if with each layer of lacquer a memory was added. Stratification of the layers as a sedimentation of memories, of gestures. ”

Françoise Seince – Director « Les ateliers de Paris »

Unlikely alphabets

Speech sticks

Face to face

Ex voto


Healing Lacquer