Imaginary territories

In Japan, we are impregnated by the contrast of the Nature : the density of colors, the strength of the elements, and especially the fluidity, omni presence of water (rain, streams, waterfalls, fountains and basins….)
Lacquer, is closely related to the elements by its nature, its harvest, its treatment and water is an indispensable element.

I focused my research on a technique similar to suminagashi (floating inks on water, ancestor of marbled paper) that I called: urushinagashi …
By transferring the floating lacquer onto paper or silk I finally found a way to trace landscapes, maps, paths that allow me to navigate between the two shores of countries dear to my heart. ….
The translucency of the silk, like a shoji, gives different shades of shadows and lights that resonate with the black color on imaginary contour lines the lacquer shades of light and shadow that make the black vibrate on imaginary contour lines.