Stimulaques - "Objects to pet"

Objects to pet

“Throughout her quest, the link asserts itself and imposes lacquer as a means of communication. The Stimulaques are created in pairs. One invents a shape, shapes the object to be manipulated and caressed according to his desire. Then Martine extends the relation by the lacquer which definitively distinguishes the object. “

Françoise Seince – director of the Ateliers de Paris

The “stimululaques” are born in the interstices of the fingers and of the hand exposing an invisible space, which is revealed by the stimululaque object unique to each one… The lacquer then gives a strangely intimate skin to the object the artist laying layers of lacquer on layers of lacquer like the strata of time-existence allows the stimuliac to be the fragile link (the interstice) of time to infinity: invisible space, without beginning or end, without limits and indefinable of Japanese Ma, (first void from which all things proceed).

Ma in Japan is “the in-between”, like a medium between nothing and everything, between nothingness and existing… it is this notion of space, in-between, of interstice, that I like to stimulate the stimuli, born from these intervals between the fingers of the hand. It is at the very heart of the creative process. Likewise in the silent or talkative fluid spaces of magic sticks, the lacquer is there to mark the passage of time and is inscribed on the woods, it is the link, the interstice of memory.